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Chris Harris, a renowned author and authority on sales performance and mindset, has penned several impactful books that delve into personal development, professional success, and sales mastery. In I Go Thru, Harris draws on his personal experiences to weave inspirational stories, emphasizing the importance of overcoming challenges to connect with one’s unique expert power. The book combines conventional wisdom with authenticity, providing readers with a roadmap to break through obstacles and achieve their goals. Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc., hails it as a must-read for those seeking to elevate their lives.

In The Book of Mindset, Harris addresses the challenges individuals face in their careers, relationships, and personal goals. Focused on the crucial role of mindset in achieving lasting happiness and success, the book outlines a proven seven-step process to leverage existing tools and break free from life’s symbolic hamster wheel. Harris emphasizes the significance of mental toughness in conquering doubt and fear, leading readers to adopt the right mindset for transformative change.

With Phase Selling, Harris shares his expertise in B2B sales, offering a tried and proven four-step process for success. Highlighting the challenges and rewards of B2B sales, he introduces the four C’s methodology of Connect, Consult, Confirm, and Close. By diligently following this methodology, Harris contends that sales cycles decrease, deal sizes increase, and win ratios improve, making success repeatable, transferable, and scalable. As an accomplished sales producer, award-winning inventor, and recognized authority, Chris Harris brings a wealth of experience to his books, providing valuable insights for personal and professional growth.

I Go Thru: Breaking Through With Expert Power

Some people believe that the easiest journey is the one with the fewest obstacles along the way. However, it’s the adversity that we experience throughout our lives that provides our greatest growth, development, and fulfillment. If we can muster the courage and persistence to “go thru” these obstacles while maintaining a positive mental attitude, we will find our unique expert power on the other side.  

I Go Thru combines conventional wisdom with inspirational stories from the author’s personal life experiences and perspective and is told with authentic transparency. The purpose of this book is to help you connect with your unique expert power – to break through obstacles and achieve your goals.  

The Book of Mindset: 7 Steps for Winning in Sales, Leadership, and Life

Do you feel stuck in a rut with your career, relationships, or finances? Are you struggling to hit your sales quota or to lead your team to hit theirs? Have you tried to lose weight or transform your body but fell short of the goal due to a lack of motivation or self-discipline? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read this book, apply the principles, and get off the symbolic hamster wheel of life once and for all!

When achieving lasting happiness and success, nothing is more vital than adopting the right mindset. Without mental toughness, doubt and fear are left unchecked, bad habits rule the day, and goals are consistently missed. The Book of Mindset provides a tried and proven seven-step process for attaining the life you want by leveraging the tools you already possess.

Phase Selling: 4 Steps for Achieving Sales Mastery

B2B sales is one of the most challenging and rewarding professions a person can choose. The constant pressure of maintaining a healthy pipeline and achieving quota is offset by almost unlimited earning potential and autonomy for those who hit their numbers. The downside is that over 50% of B2B sales organizations miss their annual targets, which means less than half of the hunters are getting the job done.

Phase Selling is a tried and proven four-step process for achieving success, quarter after quarter, year after year. By diligently following the proven four C’s methodology of Connect, Consult, Confirm, and Close, sales cycles decrease, average deal sizes increase, and win ratios improve. When goals are attained by following a clearly defined system, winning becomes repeatable, transferable, and scalable.

Phase Selling For Additive Manufacturing

Phase Selling for Additive Manufacturing is the only sales methodology developed specifically for the 3D printer sector—by an industry insider with a proven track record of success. This significant added benefit can expand your success exponentially. For this reason, consider giving this highly specialized sales process your trust—and use it in its entirety. The results will be evident in your success!

The Complete Idiots Guide to Self-Defense

This guide to self defense explains how to avoid being the victim of an assault, at home and on the street. It also advises on safeguards against particular dangers towards children, the aged, and the disabled.